About Us

Located on the picturesque Bruce Penninsula, we are dedicated to creating quality solid wood furniture, rich in design, functionality, and beauty. We pride ourselves on our craftsmanship, innovation, attention to detail, and providing our customers with exemplary pieces of furniture as well as outstanding customer service. 
The responsible use of material is also of utmost importance to us. Not only is wood beautiful, it is also a natural, renewable, and sustainable material with a lighter carbon footprint compared to other products. To further support the use of this sustainable material, we ensure that our wood slabs are exclusively sourced from environmentally conscious sawmills, right here in Southern Ontario. By working with responsible sawmills we are certain that our materials are milled using Good Forestry Practices with careful forest management planning. Furthermore, we have carefully and thoughtfully designed our pieces in a way that makes use of the vast majority of each wood slab, drastically reducing our waste. Any waste that is produced is then used to make smaller items, such as cutting boards, or is used to cook food. Responsible material usage is, and will continue to be of high priority.