Is there a finish on my table?

All of our furniture is hand finished with three coats of food safe, toy safe, moisture resistant, natural finishing oil. The final coat of finish is a matte finish which is less glossy than typical furniture finish, 

I would like my table to be a custom size. Is that possible?

Yes! Each dimension of our pieces can be customized to best fit your space, typically without extra cost. Please contact us if you would like to change a dimension on one of our pieces.

How will my furniture be shipped?

We usually ship via Canada Post/USPS while some larger packages may be sent via FedEx. After production, shipping typically takes 5-10 days, however delays related to customs, COVID 19, or other circumstances beyond our control may occur. 

How can I take care of my wood furniture?

Although wood is very resilient, some simple maintenance will help keep your furniture looking like new. Even with a moisture resistant finish, it is important to keep moisture away from your furniture to avoid water marks and stains. We strongly recommend the use of coasters and wiping spills immediately. Because dust is abrasive, dust your furniture as needed with a soft microfibre cloth. Clean any soiled or sticky spots with a soft, slightly damp cloth and mild dish detergent. Do not use an all purpose cleaner on your furniture. If damage occurs, fix it immediately to avoid further damage. Normal wear and tear can occur on your furniture. To fix minor scratches or if your furniture is starting to appear dull, use the maintenance oil included in your package, or another matte furniture oil to revive your piece. 

Will I need to assemble my furniture?

Your furniture will be shipped flat packed and will require some simple assembly. The hardware required is included and you will need a screw driver to assemble. If you need any assistance with assembly please do not hesitate to contact us.

I received some oil with my package. How do I use it?

The oil that you receive with your package is a maintenance oil to fix minor wear and tear on your furniture. Use a soft, lint free rag to rub a small amount of oil on the entire top of your furniture every 2-5 years, depending on wear. Allow 4-5 hours to dry in a well ventilated space. 

Do you do custom woodwork?

We love custom orders! We have a limited monthly availability for custom requests. Please contact us for custom availability. 

Do you take returns or exchanges?

Unfortunately, due to the small nature of our business, we are currently unable to process returns or exchanges. However, we pride ourselves in our products and are committed to providing our customers with exemplary products and service.